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  • Don’t Neglect Your Garden this Winter – Illuminate it with LED Floodlights

    Since the clocks were turned back an hour in October we’ve had to deal with the evenings gradually getting longer. Now that it’s December the weather’s colder, the mornings are frostier and it’s getting dark before 5 o’clock. As winter starts to settle in, the darkness can be frustrating if you need to be outside, perhaps for walking your dog, travelling home from work, or working on your garden. If you’re particularly green-fingered and in the process of sorting out your garden for the cold and frosty winter months, the darkness creeping in after 4 o’clock can leave you very little time to devote to your garden meaning that your garden can often get neglected at this time of year. Read more
  • Let Your Dog out Safely This Winter with LED Floodlights

    LED floodlights have a variety of incredibly useful functions, such as for outdoor events or sport stadiums, but most people never really consider the everyday benefits LED floodlights can have at home. For one thing, having floodlights installed on the outside of your home can deter criminals and make your home much safer at night time, but there’s another way they can take care of your family. As winter draws in, your dog is inevitably going to be going outside in the dark, so why not use LED floodlights to keep them safer? Read more
  • Keep Your Fitness Going Well Into The Winter With LED Flood Lights

    Running a local adult football league? I play from time to time and I think the main thing I’ve noticed is that people struggle to train when the winter nights close in and it starts getting dark before anyone can even get out of work. A lot of leagues can’t afford to install the sort of big flood lights that professional leagues and stadiums are able to. But there is more than one option when it comes to lighting a training ground; smaller, LED flood lights are just one option that could allow for more training time. Read more
  • Create a Fun Environment with RGB Colour Changing Floodlights

    Floodlights are ideal for creating a safe environment, with the high quality light of the LED bulbs renowned for their brightness, directional capabilities, and energy efficiency. Whether the LED floodlights are used for outdoor events or to increase security outside your home, these lights are the ideal choice for lighting outdoor areas. Yet it isn’t only functionality that these lights bring to an outside space – these lights can be used to create distinctive and fun lighting displays, too. Read more
  • Cut Through Bad Weather with LED Floodlights

    We’ve all come to expect it now – with outdoor events in winter comes bad weather. It’s when this bad weather starts to inhibit our vision that it becomes a real problem, and one way to tackle this is with the high quality illumination of LED floodlights. Whether you want to enjoy your garden from your covered decking or patio area even when it’s raining, or you need lighting for an outdoor event, LED floodlights are the best choice in any weather. Read more
  • How Flood Lights Can Be Used Anywhere

    When you think of flood lights what do you think of? Stadiums? Arenas? Theatres? Sure all those places have them; big, powerful lights that can illuminate large areas – they have multiple uses in entertainment so they need to be versatile. In theatre or at concerts flood lights are often required to flash or pulse, this effect means that the bulb needs to turn on and off at intervals.

    You can’t just use any bulb for this – incandescent will end up costing you quite a bit in electricity and the fact that you will have to replace them every year or so means more maintenance. CFL flood lights are useless for gigs because they take time to warm up and reach full power – not only that but switching a CFL bulb on and off at short intervals actually reduces the life of the bulb and its effectiveness. So what kind of light do you choose?

    What other entertainment venues are there that use flood lights? What about theme parks? If you’ve ever been to Disney and seen the fireworks you will have seen Cinderella’s castle glowing in a variety of colours – all done with flood lights.

    It’s not just entertainment venues that need flood lights either. Virtually anywhere that requires a large area to be lit will use LED flood lights; car parks, airport runways, and emergency bays at hospitals. They all require flood lights, so what light bulbs do they use?

    Companies around the world will use different light bulbs, but the most forward thinking companies, the companies that seek responsible and cost effective ways to manage their energy consumption and reduce their carbon emissions, use LED.

    LED Flood lights are making an appearance the whole world round – Only in the last year did the iconic Empire State Building install LED panels that operate as flood lights to create an effective light show at night over the New York skyline. They also appeared on the iconic Tower Bridge over the Thames during the Olympics.

    LED is chosen because of its low energy consumption and versatile lighting options such as RGB colour changing flood lights, and the fact that it is a versatile lighting tool for a number of environments.

    LED Flood lights aren’t just for theatres and stadiums, but for practical commercial use and stunning decorative use – whatever you thought about flood lights - now it’s time to see them in a new light.

    Read more
  • Add LED Floodlights to your Commercial Christmas Display

    If you own a business such as a hotel, restaurant or bar, Christmas can be a busy time of year. From office Christmas parties to family Christmas lunches, businesses in the hospitality industry are popular with customers as the festive season approaches. With this in mind, you probably have the Christmas CDs on standby, Christmas decorations adorning your walls and a decorated Christmas tree in your grounds to create the Christmassy atmosphere that your customers are looking for. A big part of your decorations may be lighting, whether it’s twinkling fairy lights around a Christmas tree or icicle lights strung along the front of your building, all helping to create the festive atmosphere you are looking to create for your customers. But there are also other forms of lighting which can also help to create the desired atmosphere. Read more
  • Highlight Surrounding Beauty with LED Floodlights

    Ironically, in the months leading up to Christmas when the days get shorter and we start cranking up the heating, we tend to spend more time outside than ever. What with Halloween trick or treating and Bonfire night, it’s not unusual for us to get more use out of our hat and scarf in these late months than it is when winter really kicks in. Because of this, it’s important to have the right lighting on hand, and LED floodlights highlight the natural beauty of the outdoors better than any lighting solution. Read more
  • Use LED Floodlights in your Garden on Bonfire Night This Year

    When the air is turning cooler, the evenings are shorter, the leaves are becoming golden, and there’s the smell of bonfire smoke in the crisp autumnal air, you know that it’s November. And with the beginning of November comes Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night. You may already have your kindling bought for the bonfire (or maybe you’ve collected fallen twigs and old sheets of newspaper), you’ve purchased your fireworks and the marshmallows for toasting over the fire and you’re ready to celebrate with your friends and family. Read more
  • When to Use LED Floodlights This Winter

    Why is it that, as soon as the weather turns icy and all you want to do is snuggle by the fire, suddenly a bevy of outdoor events seem to crop up. Whether it’s Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night or Christmas, there’s nothing more festive than snuggling up in your coat and scarf in front of bonfire or at a winter garden party. But what about your lighting? Unlike in the summer when the evenings don’t roll in until very late, you’ll need to think about what kind of lighting you’re going to use for your winter event. Read more

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