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Motion Sensor LED Floodlghts

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Floodlighting system are now not only used for illuminating a large area nor is it only used for illuminating sinages, concert stages and theaters, in short such is not only being used for entertainment, in fact its use has evolved further. Today LED floodlights can now be used for security and safety purposes. This is made possible by the motion sensor LED floodlights lighting system. The motion sensor LED floodlights are considered to be used for security purposes because it only activates once it detects motion. It functions only when a dark area around your home has some form of movements which may be caused by unscrupulous people trying to break-in to your home or to your business establishment. The sudden illumination created by the motion sensor LED floodlights can startle any person who tries to use the darkness to cloak themselves and break-in to your home. Making the area well-lit would deter any person from breaking in to the premises. Since this lighting system is made of LED lights it can illuminate a wide space without consuming a lot of power which means that you will not have to spend huge power bill every month.

New Motion Sensor LED Floodlighting

To protect your home you can place this new motion sensor LED floodlighting system along walkways, on your patios, your driveways, and backyards and even at the play area of your children. The new motion sensor LED floodlighting systems’ can be installed at anyplace even outdoors. This is why this LED floodlighting system is made in such a way that it is protected from the elements. The LED lights are housed inside a rugged cast aluminum that is resistant to corrosion that may be caused by wind, snow, dirt, heat and rain. Every part of this floodlighting system is also made up of a LED light that has at least fifty thousand hours of lighting life span, also true of our reliable RGB colour changing floodlights. The LED lights has an illuminating power of at least 1,222 lumens output which of course could also be adjusted thanks to the compatibility of the LED light to a light intensity controller. The new motion sensor LED floodlighting system is also integrated with of course a motion sensor that detects movement causing the entire system to activate. The motion sensors vary from the distance and range of its detector or sensor, such would start at 180 degrees sensor area coverage and around seventy feet forward coverage.

Buy Motion Sensor LED Floodlights online

When you have finally decided on purchasing motion sensor LED floodlights you might discover that there are a lot of establishments that are selling this type of lighting system, which means of course that there are a lots of ways for you to buy and lots of options too!. However one of the best way to go is to buy motion sensor LED floodlights online, this is because of the fact that you get a lot more value for your money when you buy motion sensor LED Floodlights online. How? You may ask? Because of the fact that you are purchasing online you do not have to go around different establishment just to look for the type of floodlight that will suite your needs. Going online, allows you to browse through hundreds of products with its accurate descriptions. However, it does not mean that you should take every site you visit as a reputable site. It is unfortunate that there are unscrupulous people who are using the internet to dupe people into buying substandard products and the motion sensor floodlighting system is even one of them. This is why when buying online you need to check whether such website and seller already have an extensive reputation on selling such products online. This way you will have that peace of mind that your purchase will arrive on time and in good condition. One thing you can be sure of when you buy from a reputable seller a motion sensor floodlight system, such as our high quality portable LED floodlights, it is going to be very convenient for you.

What Motion Sensor Floodlights are the Most Efficient

One common question we get is what motion sensor floodlights are the most efficient? Our answer to that is any type of motion sensor floodlights. Why? This is because of the fact that the efficiency of the motion sensor floodlights are tested based on the users’ desired output, area of coverage and level of security requirement. It would be logical for a person to purchase a higher intensity floodlighting system with a wider motion sensor coverage if he or she would like to cover a huge area. This makes it more efficient rather than purchasing a lower intensity floodlighting system that could not illuminate the area that is supposed to be illuminated and could not detect the area that is should include in its coverage. So to test the efficiency it is supposed to be based on the need of the user, all Motion sensor floodlighting system are efficient to a certain degree and you should be aware the specific floodlights for the specific job.